New Video Shares the Excitement of Moldmaking

At Amerimold 2015, a new tool was debuted to help spread the excitement of careers in mold manufacturing.


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At Amerimold 2015, a new tool debuted that was designed to help spread excitement about careers in mold manufacturing. Educators and parents today largely ignore the skilled trades that are essential to manufacturing and to our modern way of life. We all need to be involved in promoting the interesting and rewarding careers available in moldmaking and in manufacturing in general.

Today's manufacturers are great places to work: clean, well-lit, and teeming with cool, highly technical equipment. Moldmaking careers provide a solid income during training, allowing young apprentices to earn while they learn and avoid crushing college debt. Those of us within the trade enjoy interesting and challenging careers that provide a rewarding lifestyle.

Mold Making - Your Road To Success is an educational video targeted at youth who are considering their career choices. It introduces numerous people in mold manufacturing who talk about the opportunities, their careers, responsibilities, rewards and the fulfillment their jobs provide.

MoldMaking Technology magazine is partnering with the AMBA, SPE Mold Making & Mold Design Division, SPICreative TechnologyPlastics Technology magazine and Gardner Business Media to make this video available to everyone--students, educators and parents to help build awareness of the great opportunities we have in the industry.

We hope that you will watch and share this video through your company website, career fairs, manufacturing technology programs and social media. We need help to build the pool of talent from which we all hire.

To learn more about the Manufacturing Education Series, visit MoldMaking Technology's Next Generation Zone or YouTube – MoldMaking Technology, or click here for any questions or comments.

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