Recognizing the Tooling Trailblazers


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AMBA members, like those shown above in North Carolina, are now being recognized for outreach efforts in the way of education and recruitment. Photo courtesy of Creative Technology.


What’s a Tooling Trailblazer? According to the American Mold Builders Association, a Tooling Trailblazer is a company (or companies) that have made significant strides in the areas of education and recruitment for careers in moldmaking. The AMBA has just announced its new Tooling Trailblazer Award, for which nominations are now being accepted. The winning company will be celebrated at the AMBA’s annual conference, May 10-12, in Cleveland, Ohio.

“This award, which is sponsored by Progressive Components, replaces the Chapter of the Year Award to give all member companies an opportunity to earn a $5,000 scholarship for their particular educational outreach programs,” Kym Conis, AMBA managing director, says. “Even more exciting is that the AMBA is also going to continue to filter more funds in the way of scholarship awards to our member companies and chapters who can do so much more on the regional level than the national office can do. There’s a lot of relationship building going on regionally in the way of educational outreach, and we want to support that.”

I know from firsthand experience that there are many companies working on their own or in partnership with another like-minded company to develop programs at their local high schools and community colleges that yield viable candidates for careers in our industry. It’s quite amazing to me how sophisticated some of these educational outreach programs have become over the years, and this is due in no small part to the passionate dedication of the moldmakers involved. They should be recognized, and I applaud the AMBA for revamping its award to bring wider recognition where it’s needed.

Take note, AMBA members, because the deadline for nominations is March 31, which is coming quickly. The AMBA is also looking for Mold Builder of the Year nominations, continuing this prestigious, peer-supported tradition of honoring those who have given so much back to the industry.

Read more about the new Trailblazer Award, and download the nomination form here. To access details and the nomination form for Mold Builder of the Year, click here. As with the Trailblazer award, The Mold Builder of the Year Award is sponsored by Progressive. Honorees for each award will receive a beautiful award to display, but also a $5,000 scholarship grant that will be donated on their behalf to the trade-related education program or school of their choosing.

So, don’t be shy – apply! Every AMBA member has the chance to be recognized and do something great in support of their favorite trade programs.