Reading the #AAMeter

Last month the Alliance for American Manufacturing reported a gain of 6,000 jobs. Our industry needs to be aware of this, and continue with efforts to address the skilled labor shortage so this number climbs!


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The latest monthly U.S. jobs report shows America's manufacturing sector added 6,000 jobs in July 2013. "For the past year, manufacturing job growth has stalled. It’s clear the status quo isn’t working,” notes AAM President Scott Paul. “Our trade deficit with China is rising. Public investment in construction and infrastructure is declining. Aggregate demand is weak.”

Paul urges Congress to pass a manufacturing strategy and jobs plan, in addition to stepping up reshoring efforts. In a recent op-ed in Real Clear Politics, Paul also urged Congress and the Administration to undertake a competitiveness-and-jobs agenda.

The AAM has released a new book, 'ReMaking America,' that provides a blueprint for an American manufacturing resurgence.