Raising Awareness

We have all kinds of Awareness Weeks and Months ranging from cancer to autism, and just last month Governor Scott Walker proclaimed the week of May 6th as “Manufacturing Awareness Week”. So it got me thinking, why not a "Moldmaking Awareness Week"?


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Awarenesss is a good thing. If you're not aware of something, how can you be a part of it, learn from it, fix it, contribute to it or help it? I learned the value of awareness pretty quickly after my son was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. I was completely UNaware of what that syndrome was all about, and needed to become VERY aware in order to get my son everything he needed. So we Googled and read and sought out meetings and groups, and joined other families dealing with Williams Syndrome to try to make things better for all of our kids. Just last year a Williams Syndrome Awareness Week was started and continues today. The Awareness has helped. [Funny coincidence I just noticed is that this year's Awareness Week fell on Gov. Walker's proclaimed Manufacturing Awareness Week!]  So I guess what I'm trying to say is that our moldmaking industry is facing a serious skilled workforce dilemna that many are unaware of simply because they are unaware of moldmaking itself ... so maybe a Moldmaking Awareness Week is overdue?

Photo courtesy of Roush.