Pulsed Laser Welding Technology Goes Mobile for Mold Repair

One of the most common limitations with laser welding is the restriction of mobility, flexibility and reach. Stationary welding is no match for new pulsed laser welding technology that now allows molds to be repaired anywhere in the shop. 


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Welding technology has come a long way. Not only have setup times and sheer welding power evolved, but now laser welding equipment is going mobile. New laser models from Alpha Laser, the ALM and ALFlak, enable welders to repair large molds anywhere with ease.

First advantage is the footprint; these models can easily move in and around even the most complex molds. Second, and most important, is the flexibility; the lasers can reach even more features of a mold from a single position with an extended arm length of over 9 ft. long in the largest model.

For larger projects, you can bring the laser to the tool, even right on the press, but still generate the most delicate features in a cavity…READ MORE.