Promote Your Products for Amerimold 2020!

Your friends at MoldMaking Technology and Amerimold are partnering up to give your company some FREE publicity with the Amerimold Exhibitor Product Showcase. See how you can submit yours today!


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Your friends at MoldMaking Technology and Amerimold are partnering up to give your company some FREE publicity. MMT is offering each Amerimold exhibitor a free spot in our Amerimold Exhibitor Product Showcase to tell readers about the specific product, equipment or service your company is promoting during the show. Click here to take a look at last year’s Showcase to give you an idea of how your release will look in print.

Want to know more about the Product Showcase? Well, lucky for you, below are answers to your questions about what we’re looking for, how to submit your materials, and where and how your products will be promoted by MMT.





How Do I Submit Materials?

Uploading your materials is a breeze! Here’s how it works:

  1. Log on to MapYourShow and head to your Exhibitor Dashboard
  2. Hit the ‘Your Press Release in MMT’ button
  3. List your contact information
  4. Provide a brief description and photo (see below for specifications on these)

In case your MapYourShow information isn't handy, here's everything you'll need to log-in.

  • Exhibitor Dashboard: [Exhibitor Dashboard Link]
  • Exhibitor ID: [Exhibitor ID]
  • Password: [Password]


What Kind of Products Are You Looking For?

Now here are a few things you should know before submitting your materials. MMT is looking for text that:

  • Highlights a new product or that highlights a new feature or improvement on an existing product
  • Calls out a specific moldmaking application, feature or function within a product
  • Is rich in other details about the product
  • Is 200-300 words in length
  • Includes a high-resolution (300 DPI and at least 4x6 inches) photo of the product
  • MMT will NOT publish highly self-promotional material or information about cost, price or sales.


Where Will My Products Be Shown?

Not only will your products appear in our May and June print issues, but we also give exclusive pre-show coverage for all submitted releases.

In the weeks leading up to Amerimold, look out on our site or social media platforms for our slideshow collections. These collections display products that will appear in the Product Showcase in print, so that you can start keeping track of what all there will be to see at Amerimold 2020.

Here’s a look at the slideshow collections from last year’s Amerimold so you can get an idea of how yours will look right here on MMT’s site:




Do not miss out on this free opportunity to promote your brand’s latest and greatest! Submit yours today!