Pre-Engineered, Modular Tooling Helps Mold Shop Cost Effectively develop Caps and Closures

B&D Machine, Inc. (Tolland, CT) shares how Roehr Tool's ProtoBridge Tool provided a faster and more economical solution for prototyping a new product.
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“We’d been curious about Roehr’s products,” explains Bob Stutz, president of B&D. “We took a part print and 3D model of a new cap one of our customers was developing and sent it to Roehr to see if it lent itself to being manufactured using DT Cores. Roehr told us it would, so Don Gagnon, our vice president, did most of the design and engineering and worked with Dave Helenius, from Roehr, on that aspect. As a result, B&D rented Roehr’s ProtoBridge Tool for the first time to help our customer prototype the new product.

“Roehr told us about the ProtoBridge Tool and how it would save our customer both time and money because we would not have to first build the frame,” Stutz continued. “We are set-up to build frames ourselves but it was nice to have the ability to rent the frame and pass that time and cost savings on to our customer. For those shops that aren’t able to build frames, I believe the ProtoBridge would be even more of an advantage.

“Our challenge was trying to get everyone to see the benefits of going from hydraulic unscrewing to a more simplified mold format using the DT Cores,” he said. “But once everyone saw the cost savings and other benefits, including being able to see how the production tool would work by using the ProtoBridge, we were all on board.”