Powerful Slide NEXGEN Metal and Mold Cleaner Contains No Trichloroethylene and No Methylene Chloride

NEXGEN metal and mold cleaner is a direct alternative to Trichloroethylene and Methylene Chloride, and is one of the most powerful, most effective natural cleaning solvents you can use on molds and metals, as well as a variety of other challenging cleaning applications.


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A powerful cleaner that meets the toughest health, safety and environmental standards, NEXGEN metal and mold cleaner leaves no oily residue, and its biodegradable formulation lets you rinse it away with water. In addition, it has no global warming compounds, is not a hazardous air pollutant (not HAP), is non-corrosive, and not SARA reportable.
One of the most extraordinary natural cleaning products available, it performs with such raw cleaning power it can replace many less desirable cleaning solvents currently in use by molders and metalworking shops.
Molders and metalworking shops use NEXGEN for – oil spill clean-up and remediation; general cleaning and wiping; dewaxing; paint line flush and clean-up; ink, tar and adhesive removal; paint and graffiti removal, removing silicone and lithium grease and degreasing..
Founded in 1953, Slide Products, Inc., an environmentally conscious manufacturer, makes mold releases, cleaners, rust preventives and more.