PODCAST: Bringing in Curious Next-Generation Mold Builders

Listen in as I sit down with The Manufacturing Alliance and Camille Sackett, a fellow Northeast-coaster who started at Accede Mold & Tool in 1993 and worked her way through mold designing, project management and currently business development and engineering support. Camille Sackett grew up in Westchester County, New York, with three generations working at the Tarrytown General Motors plant.


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Camille Sackett grew up in Westchester County, New York, with three generations working at the Tarrytown General Motors plant. Her mother worked on an assembly line installing windshields, her great-uncle was an electrical technician, and her great-grandfather was a millwright. Touring the GM plant as a child, Camille developed  fondness and respect for manufacturing. After working for Eastman Kodak as an engineering intern, she started with family-owned Accede Mold & Tool in 1993. 

Camille was looking for a college freshman co-op/internship upon graduating from a technical high school where she studied architectural and mechanical drafting. A friend in Accede’s moldmaker apprenticeship program recommended that she interview with the engineering manager. The interview went well, and nearly 24 years later she has grown to be a leader and integral part of the Accede team.

Camille has served as a drafting/presentation engineer, senior mold design engineer, second-shift engineering manager, quality management system (ISO) manager, in “before-the-order” engineering and quoting, director of business development and engineering support and most recently, as vice president of sales and project management. Today, she is proud to be a part of Accede’s senior leadership team. Her help in developing Accede’s QMS processes has been her greatest contribution, according to the Accede team.

“With three children—a daughter in high school, a son in middle school and a son in elementary school—I am vocal in promoting U.S. moldmaking and the plastics industry,” Camille says. Among other things, she runs school district technology-based clubs, shares industry promotional videos, and continually touts the excitement and opportunity within manufacturing, specifically moldmaking.

“When college students stop by our booth at events, I make time to share my enthusiasm for moldmaking, especially the fulfillment that comes from working for a fast-paced and innovative company like Accede, Camille says. 

When it comes to her future, Camille seeks to be more active with industry trade groups, working to advocate for U.S moldmaking and manufacturing, as education and promotion are key to bringing more women into plastics and moldmaking. “Moldmaking has evolved  over the last decade, as it transitions into the era of Industry 4.0.  I am excited and optimistic for future generations to continue to push and challenge the boundaries of moldmaking.”

Her background and passion enticed me enough back in 2017 when I interviewed her for our Women Impacting Moldmaking feature story that she has been on my guest list for a podcast for a while. Camille has plenty to share about this family-owned company that fosters a culture that allows the team to take risks and to take on hard, complex projects. 

Listen to the Manufacturing Alliance Podcast as she talks about family-owned businesses, developing long-lasting relationships, instilling a culture of independence, empowerment and freedom, and attracting curious next-generation mold builders.