Parting Line Components

Side, top and guide locks.


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SelfLube displayed its componentry for molds, dies and special machines. Among the many products the company offers is a variety of Parting Line Components, which assist in the precision alignment of mold sections. These include: Side Locks, Top Locks, Guide Locks,  Stop Plates,  Hinge Blocks and Pin Plates.

The Side, Top and Guide Locks are used for precision alignment of the upper and lower portions of a mold. They are made up of two pieces: a male which is made of O6 hardened to 60-62 and black oxide coated; a female made of S7 hardened to RC 50-52 and is TIN coated.

The Stop Plates and Pin Plates are used to precisely control closure distance. They are made of 4140 steel and hardened to 44-54 Rc. The Hinge Blocks act as a convenient spacer to separate the upper and lower halves when a mold is moved or stored.