Open House Kicks off to Increase Skilled Workforce

While we are in Michigan at amerimold this week, two of our technical conference presenters--Paragon D&E and Expert Technical Training--have joined together to provide a solution to the increasingly problematic shortage of skilled employees. An open house is scheduled for June 20th that kicks off the partnership.


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Two West Michigan companies have joined together to provide a solution to the increasingly problematic shortage of skilled employees. Paragon D&E, a privately held supplier of tight tolerance tooling, molds, and components has partnered with industrial education firm Expert Technical Training to develop a pipeline of skilled workers in West Michigan. An open house scheduled for June 20th kicks off the partnership while giving prospective candidates a first look at advanced manufacturing.
Paragon’s ongoing growth played a major factor in the decision to deepen its interaction with Expert Tech beyond a traditional supplier/customer relationship. “Like many in our industry, a large segment of our workforce will retire in the next few years. We can’t afford a wait-and-hope strategy to meet our talent needs,” stated Andrew Samrick, Managing Director of Paragon’s Advanced Manufacturing Division.
“With American industry facing a pronounced shortage of skilled labor, many companies are concerned about maintaining competitiveness in the future,” noted Ryan Pohl, President of Expert Tech. “There’s a $2 billion shortfall in skilled trades in the U.S. by 2018; companies can’t just put their heads in the sand!”
The partnership will expand Expert Tech’s unique twelve week training program beyond theoretical knowledge, allowing students to gain experience with the hard skills required for a career in mold making or CNC machining through hands-on fabrication and machining practice on the Paragon manufacturing floor.
“Our two companies are working to change the perception of advanced manufacturing. Working with their hands, and with cutting edge technology, these knowledge workers make some of the most amazing things on earth,” added Samrick. “And the things they make here in America allow them to make a great living!”
With a maximum of 30 future apprentices, the open house will allow for in-depth interaction with both industry veterans and current apprentices. Selected individuals will be invited to onsite interviewing during the event. Interested parties should contact Rob Wilsea, Expert Technical Training’s Recruiting Manager, via email at Rob.Willsea@Expert-Technical.com.