Molder Creates Online Quoting Solution

ICOMold is a custom plastic injection molding company based in Holland, Ohio that manufactures plastic injection molds, plastic parts and CNC machined prototypes for a variety of industries, and that stands by its online quotation system for fast, interactive quotes.


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ICOMold is an Ohio-based custom plastic injection molder that manufactures molds, parts and prototypes for a variety of industries, and that stands by its online quotation system for fast, interactive quotes.  Denny Scher is the marketing manager for ICOMold and he recently shared the benefits of its online quoting solution.
"A handful of the largest custom plastic injection molding companies have developed new, interactive systems with very large backend databases that can automatically provide quotations, in many cases requiring little to no human intervention. We are one such company," says Scher.
Scher explains, ICOMold released its online quotation system in 2014. It enables the customer to upload a CAD file to the system and use dropdown menus to choose all the specifications (parts, plastic material, color and finish). Multiple injection mold projects can even be included in the same RFQ. When all the options have been selected, a click on the Submit button sends the information to a huge database. The request is then processed against a large amount of data and cost information in the system to return the quote, automatically, to the customer. And today, the customer is not necessarily always the engineering type. 
"One unique aspect of the ICOMold online quotation system, in particular, is that it serves a dual purpose. Not only does it serve as an interactive quotation tool, but it also functions as a project management system once the project is launched. The customer can track his project status through the system, and communicate with the sales engineers and project managers on a discussion board. The all-in-one system eliminates communication delays that can happen with emails and phone calls. It also allows users to upload important files and documents, keeping all the project information in one place that’s easily accessible by all parties," says Scher.