New Series: A People+People Plan

No matter the size or industry, companies need a strategic roadmap to achieve their growth goals. A People+People Plan is the foundation and activation strategy for scaling your organization by attracting, engaging and retaining both clients and talent. It empowers your sales, marketing, and HR departments to align on processes, tactics and goals to achieve meaningful outcomes and long-term sustainability.
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MoldMaking Technology has always focused strongly on technology and process, but over the past few years we’ve covered a lot of important business management topics as well.  This coverage has included everything from sales & marketing to workforce development to taxes. I recently caught up with a group that focuses most of its sales and marketing energy on manufacturing, specifically mold manufacturing. So, we decided to work together on a limited blog series called “People + People Plan.

Red Caffeine is a growth consultancy in Lombard, Illinois, that uses strategy + branding + marketing + technology to solve common business challenges of brand awareness, lead generation, sales enablement, employer branding, and digital transformation. Through its own People+People Plan, they have helped build organizations customers want to use and employees want to join

Like most companies, they've also experienced these common business challenges in its own growth journey. Their goal is to share the insights and strategies they have learned with like-minded organizations committed to building strategic growth and a healthy culture.

This series will feature one article for the next four months:

  1. How a People+People Plan Will Accelerate Growth for Manufacturers

​​​Establish business objectives that impact the pillars of HR and culture, finance, operations, sales and marketing, and technology

Prioritize the steps to level-up your business and what it will take to activate your People+People Plan

Understand why companies getting it right have alignment in the C-Suite

  1. Winning the War for Talent: Modernize Your Talent Strategy to Attract and Keep Top Employees

Why employee engagement is an important marketing tool

Become an employer of choice: Building your talent brand

Building compensation plan into your talent strategy

Attract talent: Create a content strategy to tell your story

  1. Sales and Marketing Alignment

Examining the process, tools, technology, and people required to be fully sales enabled

Goal setting for retention vs new business acquisition

Understanding the difference between a marketing qualified lead (MQL) vs a sales qualified lead (SQL) and how many you need to achieve your goals.

Establish true content marketing strategy that fills a pipeline of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for sales

An executable integrated marketing plan targeted to different buyer types and their influencers

How to set a sales infrastructure to capture, qualify, and nurture the top of the funnel leads to prevent the loss of potential opportunities

  1. Digital Transformation

Examining your full business tech stack from HIRIS to ERP, to CRM, to marketing automation and analytics

Transform your website into a business too

Integrating a tech stack to align your sales and marketing

Be on the lookout for this series beginning on May 13.




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