Networking Outside of the Office

Shout what you do for a living from the rooftops


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It is hard to explain what I do to some of my family and friends. If I had a dollar for everyone who asked me what exactly MoldMaking Technology is, I may not need to work! Just kidding. I confess sometimes it is just easier to say I work for a trade magazine in the manufacturing industry. I do love it when my working world collides with my personal life. A couple years ago I was attending my sons’ baseball game, and I noticed the back of their shirts said Montrose Molders. I asked the coach—who also happens to be my husband—who was sponsoring the team. It turned out that one of his player’s fathers owned a mold shop. He was not at that game, but I made sure to introduce myself at the next one, and we started to talk. He connected me with his son Brendan, and we worked together on an article in MMT’s New Business Opportunities series. Check out their story here.

Last month, my editor Christina called me and told me that her brother installed a security system at a local mold shop. She passed along their contact information and I reached out to them and am hopeful it may lead to some future editorial. Sometimes you never know where *your* next lead will come from—so chat up your career wherever your day (or night) takes you when you leave the shop!