Networking Drives the Moldmaking Industry Forward

Networking goes beyond building professional relationships. It provides a unique educational opportunity you can’t find anywhere else. Learn how to maximize your networking efforts at industry events like trade shows.
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Networking is one of the top reasons manufacturing professionals attend a trade show. Trade show regulars understand that nowhere can you find more technical experts, leaders in the industry, or potential buyers under one roof than at industry events. But networking is more than just building professional relationships.

IMTS 2018, the International Manufacturing Technology Show, is the largest event dedicated to manufacturing in North America and a global hub for industry experts from around the world. With over 115,000 visitors representing over 117 countries, IMTS a manufacturing community where experts connect.

Trade shows provide a unique educational experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Not in a textbook, not online and not on the shop floor. It provides mutual benefits to its participants, where manufacturers can talk shop immediately, share successes and challenges, and discuss the topics that are most important to them. Discover how to maximize your networking efforts to drive your business forward…READ MORE.