More Standard DT Core Configurations From Roehr Tool Corporation

Roehr Tool Corporation, a pioneer in collapsible core technology, has expanded its line of Dove Tail Collapsible Cores with the addition of new sizes and configurations.

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Roehr Tool Solutions, Inc. has expanded its line of Dove Tail Collapsible Cores with the addition of new sizes and configurations. New Sub-10mm Series Roehr has engineered more sizes of DT Cores that fall within the Sub-10mm category for molding very small, threaded medical devices, electrical connectors, and more.

“We are now stocking on the shelf blanks for Sub-10mm cores ranging between 7mm- 10mm in diameter,” says David Helenius, Roehr General Manager. “This speeds delivery times by up to 3-4 weeks.”

Roehr had samples of the Sub-10mm Series at NPE. Pre-Engineered for NPT, BSPT Dove Tail Cores are now offered in pre-engineered sizes ranging from 1/2”-3” NPT (BSPT) for use in molding threaded plumbing, irrigation, pool supplies, water or other fluid transport products. “Roehr has pre-engineered these cores to speed delivery,” Helenius says, “and they are designed to be installed and actuated in any mold configuration (side action, front half, back half, etc.) to simplify the mold design and build, not to mention reduce cycle times.”

More Overall Sizes In addition to new Sub-10mm Series DT Cores and those for NPT/BSPT, Roehr is also expanding the overall sizes available of pre-engineered DT Cores from four standard sizes to 23. “This is unprecedented,” states Helenius. “No one else provides this range of preengineered DT Cores (10mm – 60mm). By doing so, we’re able to take two weeks off the build cycle. We also developed a chart to help customers determine which cores will work for their projects, resulting in a simpler application review process.”

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