More Machining Capacity Means Opportunities for More Demanding Work

Having more capable machining equipment unlocks the door to doing more complicated jobs where the margins are higher, and the competition is smaller.


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As product designers—and the CAD software they use—become more capable, tool designs have become more complex than ever. Techniques such as generative design, topology optimization and lightweighting allow parts to become increasingly organic in shape. These developments, alongside tighter delivery timescales, rising material costs and the ever-present threat of overseas competition, can put immense pressure on mold and die shops.

Directly related to the demand for more complex parts comes a rise in disruptive technologies such as additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing. These new techniques allow you to create parts and tools that would be impossible to produce with conventional machining.

While AM is not going to replace conventional tool and die manufacturing any time soon, it does create unique opportunities for job shops to boost efficiency…READ MORE.