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NyproMold Inc. will display its latest technologies at NPE 2012 including high precision molds, inserts and components, as well as numerous plastic parts that will show the company’s expertise in the major markets it serves including healthcare, packaging, and consumer electronics.

In addition, the company will announce that it has introduced CT-scanning capabilities to its suite of metrology services. This technology produces fast, precise 3D representations of parts both internally and externally, allowing easy metrology evaluations that were previously technically difficult and time consuming to achieve.

NPE 2012 will be the first NPE show that NyproMold has exhibited at independently. In business since 1988, NyproMold is 50% owned by Nypro Inc. of Clinton, MA. The company started as a moldmaker focused on supplying molds to Nypro’s worldwide locations. In the last 7-10 years NyproMold’s business has shifted from being a moldmaker to a start-to-finish mold solutions provider, not only to Nypro, but also to many market-leading companies who need a full service mold solution with the capability to execute globally.

NyproMold will tout its comprehensive service model, which consists of five main services:

o Plastic part optimization: NyproMold’s Early Supplier Involvement team will evaluate plastic parts or product assemblies for manufacturability, moldability, and light weighting opportunities.

o Mold engineering development: NyproMold uses industry leading engineering tools like Computational Fluid Dynamics, MoldFlow, MoldCool, and Finite Element Analysis to produce superior, data-driven mold designs.

o Mold manufacturing: NyproMold specializes in high precision, high cavitation molds with excellence in CNC programming, 5-axis milling, automation in machining, and process accuracy. Conformal cooling technologies include laser cusing, vacuum brazing, and optimized 5-axis drilling.

o Mold qualification/product validation: NyproMold delivers fully qualified molds using scientific molding processes with the fastest cycles and superior part quality. NyproMold’s in- house technology center has injection molding machines ranging from 50T-500T and state of the art plastic part metrology equipment.

o MOLD LIFE ASSET MANAGEMENT: NyproMold offers custom mold maintenance programs that maximize mold life while lowering total cost of ownership.