VIDEO: Molds, Michigan and Mike Rowe?


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I cannot tell a lie. I was beyond thrilled to finally see Mike Rowe acknowledge moldmaking in his quest to promote the value of manufacturing to this country.
In one of the latest videos of the "PureMichigan Talent Connect" series, funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Franchino Mold & Engineering was the featured employer. Franchino Mold designs, engineers and manufactures custom die cast dies and plastic injection molds, as well as provides die/mold repair services and contract machining. 

According to Hollie Rusthoven, Franchino's communications director, Pure Michigan and MEDC were looking at doing a skilled trades video featuring a tool and die company and Franchino Mold came up as a place that would exemplify the goals of showing a tool & die shop that is clean, safe, fast-paced and with an excellent apprenticeship program.  After several months of follow-up interviews and on-site visits, they chose Franchino Mold as the company where they wanted to shoot the video. 

"We shot over a single 10-hour day on our shop floor, featuring some of our outstanding apprentices," says Rusthoven.


The whole skilled trades series can be viewed at http://www.mitalent.org/skilled-trades. It was intended to help encourage high school students and their parents to think about a career in the skilled trades. There is a series for younger students featuring Tom Daldin from PBS as well as one for older students featuring Mike Rowe.  

Click here to see the video.