MoldMaking Technology's Top-Viewed Content 2020: MMT Chats

These popular MMT Chat posts from 2020 feature a range of topics, from COVID-19, a mentorship program, how to grow your business and other important topics. Revisit some of your favorites, or take a look at what you’ve missed. 


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This year has become one of the most volatile and unpredictable years, not only for the moldmaking industry and its close-knit community of shops and businesses, but for the entire world. 

Nevertheless, MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Director, Christina Fuges, has been determined to provide readers with a continuous range of MMT Chats content (virtually) to keep you in the loops of how other mold manufacturers and mold shops have been impacted, how they are coping, developing and learning to work in this new environment, and also how many are taking advantage of opportunities that have arisen as a result of shortages in ventilators, PPE, etc.

Below are the top fifteen top-viewed MMT Chats of 2020. Based on analytics, these have been considered the most popular posts. However, this is just a small portion of the MMT Chats that are out there—with more than 200 chats, check out https://www.moldmakingtechnology.com/videos/mmtchat

1. Moldmaker and Steel Supplier Stand and Deliver during Coronavirus Outbreak


This mold manufacturer, Die-Tech & Engineering, with the help of its steel  supplier, delivered a die-cast mold from concept to completion in less than one week for a component that was holding up the production of ventilators.

3. A Truly "Coronavirus" Collaborative Effort Puts Moldmaking, Manufacturing in the Spotlight

Die-Tech & Engineering and Bico Steel worked together through the night to build and deliver a complex tool needed to help increase ventilator production. Listen to Christina’s casual conversation with Die-Tech Owner Bill Berry as he breaks down the timeline, project, the players involved and how amazing American manufacturers are.

5. The Science of Moldmaking, Part 1

Don Smith, North American Senior Tooling Engineer for Scholle IPN in Northlake, Illinois discusses the future and science of moldmaking.

7. Surge in New Orders Drives Moldmaking Index Expansion

Gardner Intelligence Chief Economist Michael Guckes shares insight on the recent strong move of the Moldmaking Index due to higher readings across all business activity components of the Index, highlighting the surge in new orders.

9. COVID, Communication and Customers with CDM Tool & Mfg

CDM Tool & Manufacturing expedited and maximized resources with supplier support to be part of a solution in the fight against the coronavirus.

11. Supply Chain Management and Procurement Solutions for the Small Shop

Two founders of the Sourcing Guys team are passionate about making businesses run efficiently for the least cost possible. They discuss request for proposal (RFP) management and procurement/supply chain solutions for small businesses.

13. Cross-Generational Mentorship: Participants Share Their Journey

MoldMaking Technology takes a broader look at the value proposition of mentoring by launching and completing a pilot mentorship program.

15. MoldMaking Index Sheds Light on Recovery Trends

Gardner Intelligence Chief Economist Michael Guckes shares insight on the rise caused by slowing delivery speeds of input goods to manufacturers; the ways large and small shops are fairing and the value of a diversification strategy.