MoldMaking Technology's April Digital Ed Is Now Available!

MoldMaking Technology's April issue features technical articles and case studies on balanced toolholder assemblies, inspection software, hot runner design, mold design review and much more. View your digital edition today.


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MoldMaking Technology's April issue features technical articles on balanced toolholder assemblies, inspection software that can help 3D CAD, 3D GD&T and measuring devices work together to ensure design intent, hot runner design considerations, examining a troubled tool from a design review perspective, and using software to support your automation agenda.

The issue also includes New Business Opportunities: carving a niche with multi-material sampling, Your Business: The role of an educational philosophy, MoldMaking Business Index,  Profile: Graphic Tool, a Case Study on graphite electrode machining, End Market Reports: aerospace and packaging; Product Focus and this month's Tip on cutting tools for pre-hard materials.

You can get your digital April issue here.


  • Has the Molding Machine Been Tested?

    Knowing how a machine is tuned will improve your decision making for mold construction and adjustments.

  • Integrating Electrode Production

    How CAD/CAM can help make the design, machining and inspection of electrodes completely integrated.

  • Think Metric, Part 3

    Insight from several technology suppliers—in design software, mold components, programming, machines, cutting tools and measurement equipment who have been following the metric trend—may help to make the transition a smooth one.