Snapshot of Why Precise Tooling Solutions is MMT's 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner

Here is a quick look at some of the reasons this small specialty manufacturer took the title this year.
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Congratulations to the Precise Tooling Solutions Team!

five axis milling

Each year, the moldmaking industry recognizes excellence in mold manufacturing with MoldMaking Technology’s Leadtime Leader Award. It’s not just about being the shop with the shortest delivery times. It’s about what you do with what you have. And this year’s winner does a lot with what it has!

Precise Tooling Solutions Inc. has a complete outlook on being a Leadtime Leader — from its diversified business model, highly specialized work, talent and machines and use of technology to increase efficiency to its IT strategy, marketing initiative, customer surveys and industry involvement. The Precise Tooling Solutions team is on the continued path to success. Here are some of this winner’s standouts:

  • Seasoned consumer goods and medical device industries executive at the helm since 2013
  • A diversified business model with four complementary business units
  • A shift from technology investment to operational execution (data-driven principles)
  • Deep experience building thermoset tools and complex molds for automotive lighting customers
  • Focus on mold repair and engineering changes and CNC machining
  • Additional business unit (electrical engineering and assembly of ergonomic workbenches and lift tables sold direct to manufacturers and through new store on Amazon Business)
  • On-time delivery consistency
  • Low level of rework
  • Efficiency gains by optimizing CAD/CAM technology with regard to current equipment
  • Capabilities of Roeders and Fermat five-axis machines fully realized due to unified CAD/CAM software; also minimizes need for EDM
  • Heavy investment in front- and back-office software
  • On-site quality lab
  • Cloud-based advanced ERP
  • Data-driven methodology in measuring customer satisfaction
  • Integrated digital marketing strategy, new website with RFQ feature and social media presence
  • An average age of 42
  • Vocational program with local high schools
  • Involvement with AMBA to reinstate the 25% tariff on Chinese molds

“It is a huge thrill for Precise Tooling to win what I consider to be the most coveted award in the industry. It's not far from winning a gold medal at the Olympics. To be recognized by a team of subject matter experts as one of the elite companies is truly an honor that we will always hold dear. It proves to an outside organization that we are an industry leader, and we can't be thankful enough,” Don Dumoulin, CEO and Owner, Precise Tooling Solutions Inc. says.

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