MoldMaking Technology Is More Than Print Content

MoldMaking Technology started as a print publication only, but today you can find its content across every social media channel, in videos and e-newsletters, and even podcasts.


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I was discussing some current industry challenges with a longtime reader of MoldMaking Technology (MMT) recently while attending an industry event and learned something I was not expecting.

As we were dissecting the changing landscape of moldmaking, the conversation turned toward the changing landscape of trade publishing, and I realized this avid reader had no idea about the extent of content we develop and publish beyond print.

This not only was eye-opening, but it also gave me an idea. Hence, this year we started Short Runs, a few pages of the printed issue each month dedicated to providing a glimpse of stories and information that is only available digitally through MMT’s other content companions. These other media vehicles include our online blog stream, news releases, product/equipment and service announcements, videos, e-newsletters, webinars, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and even podcasts.

Just as your business has changed over the years, so has ours. Mostly due to the new and different ways, both the seasoned and next-generation moldmaking professionals consume content. Some like to read, some like to listen and some like to watch. Some like information in short bursts and others prefer lengthier reads for a deeper dive into a topic. Plus, there are simply more engaging ways to share a story, spread the news, educate on technology and get to know a shop than ever before.

So as you peruse the latest issue, notice the call outs to existing and upcoming content across our other platforms.  We don’t want any FOMO here!

And I can’t forget to mention our sister brands too for related content: Modern Machine Shop, Plastics Technology, Autobeat, Additive Manufacturing, Products Finishing, Composites World and Production Machining (visit gardnerweb.com/).