Moldmakers on Display at amerimold 2013

Several moldmakers pulled double duty—walking the floor to see the newest in equipment and technology—and manning their own booths to showcase their wares.


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Moldmaking exhibitors were out in full force this year—about twice as many as amerimold saw last year. In addition to MMT’s 2013 Leadtime Leaders Tech Mold, Inc. and Micro Mold Company, Inc./Plastikos, Inc., mold manufacturers like JMMS, Mold-Tech, Industrial Mold, VistaTek, Linear Mold, Crest Mold and Rocand showcased their companies’ capabilities, connected with current customers and networked with potential customers.

Mold types shown included hybrid, tight-tolerance, high-volume, quick-cycling and extrusion blow molds. Company representatives presented services like mold development and manufacturing capabilities from art-to-part, involvement in bringing innovative products to market, and partnering with suppliers to improve and streamline the mold manufacturing process.

Philip Katen, President of Plastikos, noted that Micro Mold and Plastikos came away with “a few good, prospective leads” and he was pleased with the steady traffic and quality of the leads. “From past trade show experience, it truly only takes one really good lead or new business opportunity to make a trade show well worth the investment.”