"Mold Your Career" Apprentice Award

Earlier this year we explained the origin and purpose of this Award established by the AMBA Chicago Chapter--to recognize outstanding apprentices and assist them in acquiring the tools they need to effectively perform their jobs--but today we announce this year's winner.


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At this month's AMBA Chicago Chapter meeting, the group awarded Carlos Santillan of Aurora-based Craftsman Tool & Mold the 2014 Mold Your Career Apprentice Award for his outstanding performance as a finishing machinist.
Carlos began his career at Craftsman in 2011 with no skills or knowledge of the mold
building trade. The training program at Craftsman allowed him to quickly grasp the skills necesaary to do his job. Today he continues to improve his knowledge and skills by participating in the apprenticeship program at the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA), which he will finish next spring.
Carlos received a $1,000 gift certificate to DGI Supply, courtesy of DGI and Schmolz+Bickenbach.
Other companies nominated their outstanding apprentices, each of whom was recognized with a $40 Starbucks gift card donated by Synventive Molding Solutions.
These honorees included Justin Carlson of Industrial Molds Group, Rich Clark of PM Mold,
Mickey Givens of Do-Rite Die & Engineering, Zach Hillers of Industrial Molds Group and John Roberts of PM Mold.
Let's give Carlos and the others a warm moldmaking hand!