Mold Shield Rust Preventive

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Know where you spray, and where you missed, with Mold Shield rust preventive with Red Indicator Dye.

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Mold Shield rust preventive from Slide Products delivers a dry mist which will not penetrate into moving mold parts, including ejector pins holes, slides and cams. As a result it prevents marking of plastic parts when molds are put back into service.
The red indicator dye makes it easy to see exactly where you have sprayed, what is protected, and what you have missed. The non-silicone, non-wax formulation seals out condensation, neutralizes fingerprints, and is self-cleaning at start-up. Mold Shield is also available without an indicator dye.
Mold Shield rust preventive protects up to two years under normal conditions and can be used for overnight protection as well as longer-term protection of your molds while in storage.
Founded in 1953, Slide Products, Inc., an environmentally conscious manufacturer, makes mold releases, cleaners, rust preventives and more.
For a free sample of Slide’s products including Mold Shield, a Molder’s sample kit, and a free catalog, go to www.slideproducts.com.

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