Mold Engineering Software

DZynSource Mold Engineering Software (East Killingly, CT) is a valuable aid to those involved in injection mold engineering and design.


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The new version is already becoming a hit with molders, due to the molding and production planning features.  There are even calculators for moldmakers and toolmakers included.

Here is a brief summary of the key enhancements:

  •     You can now calculate how much leader pins will bend with one, two and three moving plates.  Just enter your plate width and the amount of each plate opening.  You can either enter the plate weight or use the built-in weight estimator within the leader pin bending module.
  •     There are four disk deflection calculations: supported and fixed circumference, uniform load and concentric load.  The disc with fixed circumference is great for calculating the deflection and stress in the top of a round core (under a gate, for instance) and for loading on caps, closures and similar parts.
  •     You can calculate how much a round cavity will expand due to injection pressure.  There are two choices: a cavity with a through hole or the more typical cavity with a round blind pocket.
  •     You can quickly calculate your molding capacity based on your own utilization ratios for production planning.  Single mold and multiple molds choices are available.  You get an answer in parts per minute, hour, day, week, month and year, based on your input.
  •     We have added a shrink rate table and calculator.  You can calculate steel size from plastics size and shrink rate or the plastic size from steel size and shrink rate.
  •     There is a new colorant weight calculator, based on let down ratio or percentage.

Six grades of Ampco materials (18, 21, 83, 88, 95 and 944) have been added to the material properties section.  In addition, you are now able to open up to four instances of the material properties forms for ease of material properties comparison.

The Reynolds Number calculating feature has also been enhanced and simplified, and the metric features have been expanded and improved.  



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