Mold Components

HT Range.


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At NPE, Hasco showed its HT range, based on the company’s long-proven standard range, and remains compatible. This high temperature resistance is achieved through a special sealing element which, in contrast to conventional sealing rings, has the required long-term heat stability.

All cooling elements bearing the letters "HT" at the end of their designation contain the new sealing elements. As part of this development project, the HASCO team also took a closer look at the throughput of the couplings. Through design improvements to the coupling elements, they have succeeded in increasing the throughput by up to 10 %. The net result is higher temperature resistance plus effective cooling of the mold when use is made of connecting couplings with a shut-off valve – at minimum pressure loss.

With its new HT range, HASCO is the only provider on the market to offer such high-temperature couplings and fast throughput in its standard range.

Hasco also showed, with its inclined sliding carriage Z18110/…, the smallest mechanical, positively controlled inclined sliding carriage onto the market. Because of its small size, the Z18110/… opens up new possibilities in mold design. Access to awkward undercuts in the article is made possible by its compact design.

As far as its dimensions are concerned, the inclined sliding carriage is not much larger than a spring-mounted ejector, but has a number of outstanding advantages such as no subsequent spring when freeing up the undercut, and constant stroke combined with defined slide motion. Thanks to the compact exchangeable unit, the movement takes place only within the subassembly, preventing wear on and in the cavity.

Precise demolding processes without damage to the produced item are thus guaranteed. The DLC coating on the surfaces of the slide guarantees optimum slip properties and prolongs the service life. Due to the coating, no additional lubrication is needed, which means that it is also suitable for clean-room use.