Mold Cleaners/Releases/Compounds

Mold Shield.


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Slide Products informed attendees that they have completely eliminated chlorinated solvents from its entire line of mold releases, mold cleaners, lubricants, rust preventives and purging compounds, helping companies provide a safer work environment, and reducing costs.

The first manufacturer of molding processing aids to completely eliminate chlorinated solvents from its entire line, Slide continues to lead the industry in providing the latest formulations and technologies to help molders improve productivity and reduce costs.

Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 is the next generation of Slide’s most popular mold cleaner. It contains no chlorinated solvents and is less expensive, helping reduce the cost of mold maintenance. The new formulation has all the cleaning power of its long line of predecessors, but its new solvent makes it better for workers and the work environment. Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 evaporates fast and leaves no residue. It quickly removes silicones, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces, etc. without the need for wiping. Mold care technicians simply flood the mold with Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 to remove contaminants, then watch it quickly evaporate, leaving the mold ready for being prepared for storage or moving it into production.

Mold Shield rust preventive from Slide Products delivers a dry mist which will not penetrate into moving mold parts, including ejector pins holes, slides and cams. As a result it prevents marking of plastic parts when molds are put back into service. The red indicator dye makes it easy to see exactly where you have sprayed, what is protected, and what you have missed. The non-silicone, non-wax formulation seals out condensation, neutralizes fingerprints, and is self-cleaning at start-up. Mold Shield is also available without an indicator dye. Mold Shield rust preventive protects up to two years under normal conditions and can be used for overnight protection as well as longer-term protection of your molds while in storage.

NEXGEN metal and mold cleaner is a direct alternative to Trichloroethylene and Methylene Chloride, and is one of the most powerful, most effective natural cleaning solvents you can use on molds and metals, as well as a variety of other challenging cleaning applications. A powerful cleaner that meets the toughest health, safety and environmental standards, NEXGEN metal and mold cleaner leaves no oily residue, and its biodegradable formulation lets you rinse it away with water. In addition, it has no global warming compounds, is not a hazardous air pollutant (not HAP), is non-corrosive, and not SARA reportable. Molders and metalworking shops use NEXGEN for oil spill clean-up and remediation; general cleaning and wiping; dewaxing; paint line flush and clean-up; ink, tar and adhesive removal; paint and graffiti removal, removing silicone and lithium grease and degreasing..

EconoMist mold release and Silicone Spray Lube are now NSF-M1 designated food-grade lubricants. They are acceptable for use as a mold release agent on molds that are used to produce packaging material that will contact food. EconoMist, an economical, light duty mold release is designated a food-grade lubricant and is UL recognized. Silicone Spray Lube (SSL) is a good in-process and general-purpose lubricant. Designated NSF-M1 as a food-approved lubricant, SSL can be used in a variety of applications, including machinery of all types, chains, gears, cutting tools, threaded connections, drilling, assembly, bearings, hinges, and more.

KLENZ purging compound, a chemically reactive purge that is safe to purge through the mold, is excellent for use through hot runner systems. KLENZ helps eliminate color streaking and black specs caused by stubborn residues baked onto the screw, and dramatically shortens purge times. It uses a polyolefin carrier resin, is odorless, and GRAS rated safe for food packaging applications. KLENZ has operating temperatures of 330º - 610ºF. Molders can dramatically reduce time and purging costs by using KLENZ as part of their regular resin-to-resin, color-to-color change-over procedure.

Purge-Atory, a heavy-duty purging compound, helps eliminate color streaking and black specs caused by stubborn residues baked onto the screw, and dramatically shortens purge times. It uses a SAN carrier resin, is also safe to purge through the mold and helps eliminate color streaking and black specks Purge-Atory uses a SAN resin carrier and is GRAS rated, safe for food packaging applications. Purge-Atory has operating temperatures of 370º-610ºF. Purge-Atory requires no mixing or preparation time and is recommended for injection, extrusion and blow molding.

White Rhino, the only rust preventive to achieve the NSF H-1 designation permitting use in operations requiring food-approved active ingredients, contains no trichloroethylene, the company reports. Offering up to two years of protection under normal operating conditions, White Rhino’s dry formulation neutralizes fingerprint acids and is self-cleaning and self-healing. When applied it sets up quickly to offer immediate protection against moisture and light acids. Self-cleaning at startup, it helps maximize productivity.