MMT's Special Hot Runner Technology Edition

This special supplement from MoldMaking Technology and Plastics Technology magazines provides insights into successfully selecting, integrating and maintaining hot runner systems, which demands proactive involvement from original equipment manufacturers, molders and mold builders.


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The cover of this special Hot Runner Technology supplement brought to you by MoldMaking Technology and Plastics Technology magazines is courtesy of Millennium Tool Inc. Proactive hot runner maintenance includes knowing how to properly and efficiently use equipment like the ohmmeter to measure and document the resistance levels of heaters and thermocouples. Larry Carpenter is a mold and die maintenance and repair technician at Millennium Tool (Louisville, Kentucky). He is one of 32 technicians who is charged with caring for a fleet of 1,200 tools at GE Appliances, 60 percent of which are injection molds with hot runner systems. The Hot Runner Maintenance and Repair Certification course at MoldTrax significantly advanced the skills of Millennium’s team, saving the group time and reducing its overall costs. See the related story here.

Other features include the details to consider when it comes to selecting and integrating a hot runner system, how to improve a manifold’s maintenance plan with the right skills and knowledge of its functioning areas and how a pulley molder cut scrap, improved part quality and slashed cycles since adopting hot runner technology.

The issue also includes a hot runner technology product showcase. Click here for your digital edition.