MMT's September Digital Edition Is Available

Learn how to leverage CAD/CAM advances, determine the true cost of cobots, get cutting tool data when you need it, put together an exit plan for reshoring, fuel industry workforce needs, and much more with MMT’s September issue. 


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September’s cover shows a partially programmed mold core. It’s machined from 420 stainless steel and will eventually become a housing for a medical filtering system. The darker tool motion in the image illustrates a variety of strategies, including Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion and remaining stock cleanup. The lighter tool motion with the tool is the beginning of a multi-axis finish pass that uses one of the newer-shaped cutting tools that are coming onto the market and delivers a very large radius cutting surface for faster machining and a cleaner finish. Moldmakers who use contemporary toolpath strategies that maintain a consistent chip thickness report a substantial positive impact on lead times and operating costs, and this cutting strategy is a relatively easy approach that a mold shop can take to become more competitive. See related story here.

Five tips from this issue:

1. It is important to recognize the fact that a safe robot does not mean a safe system. You need to consider the overall expense of cobot implementation. 

2.  A centralized database can replace the cost of all homegrown systems or silos that require maintenance, so total cost of ownership is reduced.

3. Molds and processes are not the only “gotchas” when leaving a foreign location. Companies must also consider employment contracts and must obtain the proper permits from the Chinese government to shut down a factory. 

4.  An emphasis on project-based learning is key when training because collaboration and creativity are a big part of how injection molded parts are designed.

5. When you are ready to begin your weld on pre-hardened 40 Rockwell material, ensure that the mold is free of oil, rust, scale residue or any other potential contaminants.

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