MMT's October Digital Edition Is Available

The October issue covers how to minimize inherent molded-in stresses reduces plastic part failures, how to determine if fiber laser technology is the right solution for your repair operation, how to decide if Mexico is a marketplace worth tapping into for additional work, and much more.  


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This cover of MMT’s October issue is courtesy of Fairway Injection Molds and shows a 32-cavity mold for a pump sprayer top, which is currently being molded and assembled in Mexico. The mold features an eight-drop Ewikon HPS III-MH, 90-degree side hot-tip system for injecting the resin. This enables tight pitch and high-quality gates on the side of the parts with no cold runner waste. The mold also has slides and a spout pin that create the flow channel The mold is ejected using ejector sleeves. See related story on here.

Five great tps from this issue are:

1. Do not ignore the possibility of overpacking, which typically occurs near the gate area in response to overcoming an enormous pressure gradient across the cavity. 

2. Because diodes power FSS lasers in a specific wavelength that can be directly translated into laser light, they produce less extraneous heat.

3. The mold industry in Mexico is needed mainly for mold maintenance, repair and engineering changes, but big tool shops from the USA, Canada, Portugal and Spain have been interested in installing facilities in Mexico to take a piece of that market. 

4. A five-axis milling machine that is outfitted with a head measuring system can greatly reduce the time it takes for machinists to verify the accuracy of heads and roto-tilting tables. The time drops from one day to less than an hour. 

5.  Automation begins with an understanding of whether the intended machining process is stable enough for the change. 

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