MMT's May Digital Edition Is Available

If you haven't already, check out this month's May issue online that takes a look at how an alternative cutting tool geometry and the right CAM software can help reduce finish-machining times; how to unlock the true potential of magnetic workholding for machining mold bases and inserts and much, much more.


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This month MMT takes a look at how an alternative cutting tool geometry and the right CAM 
software can help reduce finish-machining times; how to unlock the true potential of magnetic workholding for machining mold bases and inserts; how the workpiece material and the process parameters of a sinker EDM operation can impact productivity and profitability; how in-house sampling of large coinjection molds gives one moldmaker an edge over its competition; and, how to choose the right wire and welding technique for aluminum mold repair.

Other coverage includes a profile of El Dorado Molds, a machining case study, common laser welding pitfalls, making ISO certification a profitable proposition, incentives for hiring veterans, an inspection/sofware tip, Part 1 of our Amerimold Exhibitor Product Showcase, our monthly MoldMaking Business Index and End Market Reports for Consumer Goods and Automotive.

Click here for our digital edition.



  • Giving Mold Builders Additive Capabilities, Super Creativity

    I saw my first 3D-printed hot runner manifold at K 2019 in Germany, but the system did not have a name yet.  Fast forward to 2020 and it not only has a name, but it’s been successfully implemented in a number of applications across Europe.  And today, it’s ready for the North American marketplace.

  • Laser Sintering and Milling Working Together

    A hybrid manufacturing process offers mold builders an alternative method for making cores and cavities with time and cost savings and increased consistency.

  • Mold Cooling Options

    A look at three options for integrating conformal cooling into a core or cavity with an emphasis on vacuum brazing.