MMT December Digital Edition Is Available

This month’s issue discusses collaborative hot runner design, how to take the guesswork out of cutting tool selection, strategies for next-generation training, ROI on 2017 investments, the value of bringing processing and mold repair together, identifying value drivers for your shop, CT scanning and much more.
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The December 2017 issue cover shows the hot half H4400/ from Hasco America, which is fully equipped with the necessary hot runner components and nozzles, clamping, bolster and nozzle retainer plates and standard components and connectors, making it ready for immediate use. Hasco tests all the electric components, and pneumatic or hydraulic drives prior to delivery. In addition, relevant dimensions, such as hole spacing for nozzles, guides and centering devices, nozzle tip position and nozzle protrusion are checked in the assembled state on coordinate measuring machines. All the test results are then documented in reports supplied to the customer. This hot half concept shortens hot runner mold design and build times for moldmakers and injection molders. See related story here.

Five Great Tips from This Issue

1  Ensure that sufficient space is available for the cable channels that are required for the nozzles and the block heating units when selecting mold size. Provide allowance for the space required for connection plugs. Generously dimension the mold or there may be space and assembly problems.

2  When running old, small, light-duty machines (more than 10 years old) consider their lack of rigidity and processing speed. Small-diameter (two inches or less) button cutters are often the optimal choice.

3 The key to the success of the manufacturing workforce pipeline is its multiple on and off ramps that offer user-friendly options to enter the manufacturing field regardless of your manufacturing background. So, whether you’re a recent high school graduate, an adult seeking a career change, or a recently dislocated worker an option waiting for you. 

4 CT scanning does not require segmenting, which provides a truer dimensional measurement, and it also provides accurate measurements with high resolution, which is extremely important in tightly-toleranced micro designs. 

5 Manually generating roll dimensions is a time-consuming process, but today that process can be streamlined with a desktop roll dimension calculator app that takes a few pieces of information and instantly calculates the required roll dimension without trigonometry. 

To access your MMT December 2017 digital edition, click here.