MMT Chats: Small Diversified Shop Is Part of a One-Million-Part COVID-19 Project

The 10-person team at Trifecta Tool & Engineering in Kettering, Ohio, had all hands on deck to build a mold for face shield headbands in 8 days (typical build would be 4 weeks).


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According to Bret West, one of Trifecta Tool & Engineering’s owners and the shop’s engineering/sales manager, they were “not trying to break any speed records with this tool, they were just trying to get the part done.” Like many mold builders this year, Trifecta had all hands on deck to take on urgent projects in the fight against the coronavirus.

West also shares his insight on speed, reshoring, skilled labor, technology investment, simulation, sales and support.

Click above to watch this quick MMT Chat.


The Trifecta team also built molds for this oxygen valving component for medical equipment.