MMT Chats: Removing Roadblocks for the Team and Customer

James Jergens, Operations Manager for Ernie Green Industries chats with me about supply chain management changes, tooling, purchasing advice, and leadership’s impact on efficiency.


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James Jergens, the Operations Manager for Ernie Green Industries out of Rochester, New York (and one of MMT’s newer Editorial Advisory Board members) joins MMT Editorial Director Christina Fuges for this MMT Chat on supply chain management, six questions every purchasing manager should answer to improve buying skills and create more value for the company, and a new leadership method to increase efficiency with existing equipment and grow profit substantially.

A few tidbits to whet your appetite:

  • Ernie Green is actually the namesake of the company.  He played in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns, back in the sixties, but he’s been involved in plastics for many years. 
  • My main objective is to try to remove roadblocks from their day and help them become more productive in what they do.
  • One big thing that I really focus on is the relationship with the supplier. We try to overcommunicate when possible.
  • We're growing more on the medical side, and those are the tooling suppliers that we're looking for. I spend a lot of time making sure that I know my suppliers well, and I watch to make sure that they're financially healthy.
  • Finding efficiencies in unlikely places. Like a feature on our machine that we didn't even know was there that allowed us to get more runtime.

Watch the full video chat above, and for more of our archived MMT Chat conversations, click here.