MMT Chats: From COVID and Tooling Trends to Free Online Education and A New Recycling Venture, The Plastek Group Speaks Out!

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges catches up with the Prischak family who owns The Plastek Group in Erie, Pennsylvania, and who also happens to be the original founder of MoldMaking Technology magazine back in 1997.  
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The four Prischak brothers—Dennis Prischak, President and CEO, Douglas Prischak, Vice President Global Tooling and Engineering, Donald Prischak, Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Daniel Prischak Vice President of Manufacturing—provide insight on current issues, technology trends and recent company news and developments.

Now, you may wonder what’s special about this group of gentlemen … well, I go way back to 1997 with these guys because of their father Joe who is the original founder of MMT, who invited me to join his crusade to launch a trade publication dedicated to covering the moldmaking industry, and who I still stay in touch with today. This is an amazing family with an innovative suite of companies within the plastics and moldmaking industries—including Plastek Group, Triangle Tool and Penn Erie.  So a long story short … how could I NOT do an MMT Chat with them ... especially since they have a lot of new things going on right now.

Impact of COVID, lessons learned and process improvements; tooling trends in such as designing and building molds for in-press maintenance and the concept of component interchangeability; the value of accessible communication and convenient onsite maneuverability to the flow of the design, build and production phases across The Plastek Group, Triangle Tool and Penn Erie; the motivation behind a new, free Plastek Academy for online learning and finally, details on a new plastics recycling startup company where the plastics and steel industries are working together to solve the plastic waste challenge.

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