MMT Chats: 5 in 5 with Michiana Global Mold

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Christina Fuges has a quick 5-minute chat with Kelly Kasner, Director of Sales and Marketing for Michiana Global Mold on five best practices for improving efficiencies.
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This special MMT Chat series will deliver five great tips and ideas from leading mold builders on ways to improve efficiencies with regards to technology, workforce development and business management, in a fast-paced 5-minute chat.

My guest today is Kelly Kasner director of business development for Michiana Global Mold (MGM), who is also one of MMT’s new Editorial Advisory Board members.

  1. How do you create and maintain an employee-centered culture?

Employee Engagement Teams for Continuous Improvement

  1. What are your top 3 best technology investments/recommendations, and why?

Orbital EDMs, Ultrasonic Polishing, CRM, CNC Conversational Programming

  1. What is your latest process improvement?

Efficiencies in CNC operations to minimize multiple setups

  1. How do you measure success/metrics?

Value-added Revenue per Direct Labor Hours; Sales Growth; Value-Added Margin; Value-Added Per Full Time Equivalent

  1. How do you stay competitive/take advantage of new business opportunities?

Stay well connected with economic experts, cost benchmarking resources, learn industry trends and forecasts and actively participate in trade associations for professional and business development.

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