} MMT Chats: 5 in 5 with Eden Tool Company and Eden Manufacturing | MoldMaking Technology


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This special MMT Chat series delivers five great tips and ideas from leading mold builders on ways to improve efficiencies with regards to technology, workforce development and business management, in a fast-paced 5-minute chat. My guests today are from Eden Tool and Eden Manufacturing in New Freedom Pennsylvania.

Mike Eden is President of Eden Tool Company—a precision plastic injection mold builder, and Dave Tomic is vice president of Eden Manufacturing—a manufacturer of engineered medical components.

They team up to answer these 5 questions:

1 How do you create and maintain an employee-centered culture?

We don’t hire ‘warm bodies’. We hire good quality people with passion. I can teach anybody in here the technical part of the job, but I can’t teach work ethic.

2 What are your top 3 best technology investments and why?

Hard milling, EDM and grinding

3 What is your latest process improvement?

In-house metrology.

4 How do you measure success?

It’s all about customer satisfaction and the relationships with our customers.

5 How do you stay competitive?

Never to be complacent with technology. We love technology here at Eden.

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