Misumi Celebrates #80Sextillion with Four Towers of Technology and Amusement



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Misumi USA is back and in a big way in its first appearance at IMTS since 2010.

“We are very excited to be exhibiting this year at IMTS,” says Carlicia Layosa, Application Engineer II – Marketing.

The manufacturer and distributor of mechanical and electrical components is showing off many of its capabilities and accomplishments, one being the 80 sextillion part configurations that are globally available. “That’s 22 zeros behind the 80,” Layosa notes. “We offer our customers the ability to configure parts on our website. Some of these products, including those for mold and die applications, can be ordered with incremental dimensions of up to 0.1 mm.” A Twitter hashtag, #80Sextillion, has been created to celebrate this accomplishment.

IMTS attendees are encouraged to visit each of the four towers that frame the Misumi booth, as each has a different theme based on services offered by the company.

  1. Tower one is focused on rapid design and the company’s full release of Rapid Design InCAD Components Version 2.0 software. InCAD Components is a free SolidWorks add-on that allows customers to download CAD models directly into Solidworks without having to leave. While there, attendees can see live demos of the software and participate in a short design contest. The challenge is to use InCAD to change the diameter of a pre-loaded component and then mate the modified component to another. Winners are awarded a laser-engraved Misumi USB.
  2. Factory automation is the focus of the second tower. There Misumi is displaying a Plinko-style machine (think “The Price Is Right”) consisting of more than 30 different shaft configurations. Instead of pegs, Misumi engineers placed the shafts on the machine. Visitors are amused watching as a conveyor and actuators move the ball to the top to allow it to drop, “plinking” its way down through the shafts.
  3. Tower three features electrical supplies, including a collection of Misumi’s connectors and cables displayed on a vertical stand with the cables hanging down.
  4. In Tower four, live product demonstrations are being given of the company’s press die and plastic mold components.

Finally, visitors can recharge in the Misumi Recharge Lounge. Enjoy a water or soda and have a seat while charging your cell phone at one of the many docking stations. If that’s not enough, remember to enter the Misumi sweepstakes for a chance to win a 3D printer, iPad Mini, Smart Moleskin or Samsung video recorder, and watch for the Misumi shuttle bus during the show. Snap a photo in front of the shuttle and post it on social media, tagging it with the #80Sextillion hashtag, for a chance to win a prize.