Micro Molding Machines

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BabyPlast benchtop injection molding machines from Alba Enterprises are ideal for producing small and microscopic parts while suitable for processing all injectable thermoplastic materials. BabyPlast machines are primarily used in the electronics, automotive, micro-mechanics and medical technical fields but can also be used by manufacturers of toys, promotional products, cosmetics and costume jewelry. The majority of molds developed for BabyPlast are for preliminary production or prototypes and also for full production of parts that weigh from 0.001 g to a maximum of 15 g.

Materials used range from PP, PS, PE, ABS, PA to PC, POM, PBT, PPA, PPS, PPO, LCP and PGEK from thermo rubbers to filled materials, from ceramics to sintered metals.  Molds have been developed with up to four slides, single and multi tips with up to four tips and as many as 68 cavities in one single mold.

The BabyPlast 6/10 P is the smallest injection molding machine model ideal for micro parts;  a vertical model 6/10 VP without tiebars specializes in parts with inserts; while the UAI I/10P model  allows the injection of two or more components when mounted on your mold.