EMO: Mold Technologies, and USA and Mexico Metalworking Trends

Not only is Gardner Business Media co-hosting a “Metalworking Growth Seminar” at EMO in Hannover, Germany this month, our European correspondent, Barbara Schulz, who has been lending MMT her International Perspective, is headed there too. While not solely dedicated to the tool and moldmaking sector, it exhibits a whole new range of machines, tools and solutions mold builders can surely benefit from.  


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EMO encompasses all segments of the industry like no other. Major metalworking categories such as machine tools, cutting tools and automation systems predominate, however, virtually any technology associated with metalworking will be exhibited. Visitors and exhibitors represent the widest range of global manufacturing that can be found anywhere – all in one place at one time.

Since EMO is a monster of a show covering 16 halls with more than 2,000 exhibitors from 45 countries on 1.9 million square feet, you need to go prepared. I’m heading to EMO to see milling machines, precision tools, metrology equipment, grinding technology, software, automation solutions, EDM and the latest developments in additive manufacturing. Another reason to attend is to network and learn from suppliers and users about current trends and solutions to challenges mold shops all over the world are currently facing.

Now you might wonder why attend a show in Europe, if there is IMTS next year right on your doorstep? Because shops and plants are so much alike in the challenges they face, no matter which country or continent they call home. Talking to your international peers will give you food for thought and help to drive your business – and networking events, conferences and seminars offer additional opportunity to network and learn.

One of these seminars is co-hosted by Gardner Business Media, and EMO organizer VDW, the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association. Titled, “Metalworking Growth Seminar: Overview of the Trends in Metalworking in the USA and Mexico”, Gardner’s Steven Kline, Claude Mas and Peter Zelinski will speak about trends in the international machine tool market, technology trends among U.S. machine shops and the machine tool industry in Mexico.

The seminar offers thoughts about what some of our shops’ success suggests about the changing landscape of U.S. manufacturing and presents an excellent opportunity for executives and global sales managers to see what direction the U.S. market is headed and the equipment types companies are planning to buy in 2018.

The event will start at 9:30 a.m., September 21 at the Convention Center, Room 15/16 on the EMO grounds. For more details click here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you plan to attend the show; I’m happy to meet up and have a chat!