Media in Manufacturing Survey 2016: We Value Your Input!

How does your company find and purchase new products and services? Where do you look when you need information about an important industry event? We'd like to know in order to serve you better.


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MoldMaking Technology and all our sister publications under the Gardner Business Media umbrella work hard to bring readers meaningful content. That content comes in many forms, including editorial, but it also includes marketing and advertising of products, services, industry events and more. That’s why Gardner Business Intelligence, a partner with MMT, has launched the 2016 Media in Manufacturing survey

Please complete the brief survey to influence media to better meet your needs and be among the first to see how your media opinions and practices compare to others in the industry. 

Your responses will be shared in aggregate only, and your contact information will be used only to send results to you. Please take a few minutes to provide your input now.

Speaking of media, MMT is looking to ramp up its efforts on the social media front. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter! Let’s connect, and please send us any suggestions or comments about what we’re posting, what you like to see and what you want more of. We’ll take everyone’s serious feedback into consideration.