Machine Capability, Service Go Hand-in-Hand

Although this Japanese builder has been offering equipment in North America for some time, it’s only recently benefitted from an extensive service and support network.


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These parts were produced on various offerings from Yasda, a precision machine builder focused heavily on the mold and die industry. 

When I asked about the most relevant technology for moldmakers at the opening of Methods Machine Tools’ new Southern California technology center, personnel immediately pointed me to the Yasda YMC 430 Micro Center shown below. Notably, the machine’s Japanese manufacturer doesn’t refer to this and other models as VMCs, but rather as a “jig borers.” The company says this moniker better reflects the machines’ capability for superior accuracy and surface finish, which can significantly reduce benchwork. In fact, many of Yasda’s offerings are targeted specifically toward the mold and die industry (the builder even refers to machines in its V Series line as “mold and die millers.”)

Precision notwithstanding, the fact that this machine was highlighted at a Methods event is also notable. Although Yasda has been offering machines in North America for some time, its partnership with Methods dates only to late last year. With a network of technology centers providing localized service throughout the country, Methods is well-placed to ensure users have timely access to spare parts, service and application support--all of which are arguably just as important as machine capability.

Additionally, Methods customers benefit from the ability to receive the same level of support for a broad range of options. That is, depending on their needs, they might choose a machine like the YMC 430 Micro Center, or a more economical, entry-level model from one of Methods’ other partners. Finally, Methods often works with partners to tailor offerings specifically to the U.S. market. The first Yasda offering to receive this added engineering collaboration is set for release at this year’s IMTS.


The YMC 430 Micro Center features linear motors on all axes; a symmetrical frame structure and spindle head; a thermal distortion stabilizing system; and a variety of other features designed for high precision.