Looking for Moldmaking Opportunities Overseas?

Attend next week's webinar on market opportunities in the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. This third part in our four-part educational webinar series will include a macro overview, ease of doing business rating and question and answer period dedicated to this region.
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On August 26th at 2pm Michael Taylor of SPI will hold a webinar, sponsored by DME, on market opportunities for U.S. moldmakers in the BRIC Countries. This is the third in a four-part educational series to help you develop a strategic vision of what foreign markets you should explore to grow your sales beyond the domestic U.S. market.

Michael reviews trade policy updates, top export growth markets, exporting basics and developing an exporting strategy and costs associated with exporting.

In terms of the BRIC region, in 2012 China and Brazil were among the top ten export markets for the U.S, plastics industry. While China has remained the third largest export market destination for some time, Brazil took over the fifth place spot from Japan during 2011. After 18 years, Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization is predicted to result in a doubling of U.S. total exports there. In India the plastics industry is poised to benefit from increasing per capita income, rising consumerism and modernization. Attend this webinar to learn about opportunities in these markets.estimates are the demand for polymers will jump to 16.5 million tons by 2016-17 from 11 million tons during 2012-13, resulting in consumption rising by 10.8% compound annual growth rate. In addition, India is expected to be among top 10 packaging consumers in the world by 2016 with demand set to reach $20.8 billion. 

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