Long-Term Accuracy Meets Moldmaker/Molder’s Machining Needs

“Where you do find time savings is five years or 10 years down the road, when other machines are losing their accuracy, these pieces of equipment are still accurate.”


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The Rodon Group (Hatfield, PA)—a mold manufacturer/molder that serves an array of industries including consumer products, medical, pharmaceutical, construction and toys—also manufactures more than 30 billion parts for the K’NEX building toy system (and is a subsidiary of K’NEX Brands, L.P.). Known for producing close-tolerance, high-volume parts, the company has relied on machining centers from Mitsui Seiki (USA) Inc. (Franklin Lakes, NJ) for more than 20 years for their accuracy, dependability and quality.

Chuck Rodgers, Rodon’s VP of Tooling and Design, recalls that when the company first entered the CNC arena 20 years ago, it looked at a number of manufacturers before choosing Mitsui Seiki. “It was not the cheapest at the time, but the salesperson we worked with convinced us that we would get what we paid for,” he notes. “Of the four machines we purchased, with still have two of them that are 20 years old and are as accurate today as the day we bought them.” Rodgers notes that Mitsui set up the machine and provided onsite training.

Approximately a year ago Rodon added to its Mitsui Seiki machines with the purchase of two VU50A models. “Even though we could have purchased four machines for the price we paid for two, we again opted for the higher end machines,” he emphasizes. “In the long run, it pays off. They last and last.”

Scott Walker, President of Mitsui Seiki, points out that the VU50A is one of Mitsui Seiki’s smaller high precision VMCs with 1100 x 580mm table, 700x500x450mm strokes, with Fanuc 31i control and is available with an array of standard features including: automatic tool changer, 8,000 RPM spindle with thermal growth compensation, center through coolant, etc. as well as a variety of other options to designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. “The VU50A is a good fit for Rodon as their requirement is that they make the first part right, the first time, every time,” Walker emphasizes. “Rodon’s ability to be competitive in its own business requires ultra high precision and consistent part quality.”

The Rodon Group uses these machines for all of its operations. “We are a custom molder no matter the industry,” Rodgers affirms. “A mold is a mold regardless of what the end product is. These machines are accurate and dependable. They may be no more time-saving than any other CNC machine, but where you do find time savings is five years or 10 years down the road, when other machines are losing their accuracy, these pieces of equipment are still accurate. Less downtime and maintenance also is important.”

Although Rodgers notes the company rarely needs support for the machines, Rodon deals directly with Mitsui. “They are a phenomenal company to work with,” he states. “I can’t say enough about their service and support.

“Just like consumers who buy cheap and lower end, and spend the money over and over again, you can spend it once and do it right,” Rodgers adds. “You get what you pay for.”

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