Listen and Learn (and Ask Questions, Too!)

MoldMaking Technology successfully presented its first educational webinar series last year and next month we kick off our 2015 series focused on effective ways to fill the skills gap by aligning with experts in those fields to produce the content. Mark your calendars!


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Last year, MMT launched a free, quarterly webinar series on global market opportunities for U.S. moldmakers, presented by the Society of the Plastics Industry and sponsored by DME Co., that stirred up some good Q&A. (Visit moldmakingtechnology.com/webinarsarchived to view this series.) We’ve since decided to take this model and bring it to you annually on topics that impact your businesses, by aligning with experts in those fields to produce the content. The 2015 series begins next month and will share proven methods for filling the skills gap. 

March 10, Recruiting and Reshoring to Fill the Skills Gap, Harry Moser, Reshoring Initiative. This webinar will provide evidence that manufacturing is returning to the U.S. and that the skilled manufacturing “professions” are a better choice for most of our youth and for our society. It will also present tools for making the required changes in perception within communities.  

June 2, Industry-Driven Approach to Manufacturing Education to Fill the Skills Gap, Ryan Hundt, Michigan Economic Development Corp., and Tom Ruczynski, Proper Group for the Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program (MAT²). The Michigan Advanced Technician Training program (MAT²) combines theory, practice and work to train. This allows companies to “grow their own employees” and directly develop competency-based education. It also offers an economical training option. 

August 25, Getting Real about Manufacturing Education to Fill the Skills Gap, Craig Ceigleski, Cardinal Manufacturing, and Jacob Hostettler, Northwoods Manufacturing. This webinar will review how to develop a program that functions as a student-run manufacturing business in which the students manage customers, make products, meet deadlines, face challenges and make money in the process. 
November 17, Working Inside and Outside Your Shop to Fill the Skills Gap, Ray Coombs, Westminster Tool.  Learn how this moldmaker collaborated with local manufacturers and academia to offset the cost of developing and training employees on general manufacturing practices, as well as soft skills. 

Go to moldmakingtechnology.com/webinars to register for free today. To get the most out of these webinars, consider tuning in with a group, take and share notes, and, most importantly, ask questions!