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Back in the fall I told you about Northwoods Manufacturing, a student-run manufacturing business running out of Hurley High School in Hurley, Wisconsin. Well, things have advanced quite a bit and next month it is holding its second annual open house, and is participating in MMT's 2015 Educational Webinar Series.


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Back in the fall I told you about Northwoods Manufacturing, a student-run manufacturing business running out of Hurley High School in Hurley, Wisconsin. Well, things have advanced quite a bit and next month it is holding its second annual open house.

Northwoods' main goal is to give students real manufacturing experience at school, teaching real-world applications and soft skills. Students participate in welding/fabricating, machining, engineering, marketing, sales, business and more. Northwoods has greatly improved since last year and it has had some major changes, including manufacturing parts for local industry, new equipment and new students. The open house will take place on Friday, May 15th from 9am to 6pm at 5503 W. Range View Dr. in Hurley, Wisconsin 54534. Check it out to see how you can implement such a program in your area. 

On a related note, Jacob Hostettler of Northwoods Manufacturing will be presenting alongside Craig Ceigleski of Cardinal Manufacturing as part of MMT's 20156 Educational Webinar Series on August 25, Getting Real about Manufacturing Education to Fill the Skills Gap. This webinar will review how to develop a program that functions as a student-run manufacturing business in which the students manage customers, make products, meet deadlines, face challenges and make money in the process.  Click here to register for free today. To get the most out of these webinars, consider tuning in with a group, take and share notes, and, most importantly, ask questions!