Lean Waste Walk Form

Spreadsheets are a common tool in mold shops and we've touched upon their various uses in MMT. Here is another example of using spreadsheets to help create an organized way of viewing and tracking info. This time it has to do with waste.


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Steve Brammer has worked for a variety of custom and captive molding operations in manufacturing and process engineering roles ranging from engineer to engineering manager.  He also serves as an adjunct instructor for Grand Rapids Community College teaching plastics and manufacturing classes. He shares industry insight regularly via his LinkedIn page and this post caught my attention, so I wanted to share it.

Here is a form Steve developed to use when conducting lean waste walks. The purpose is to serve as a reminder of the different forms of waste and make it easy to note observations. Of course the form itself is also waste, but it serves the purpose it was intended for, when people become skilled at waste observation the form can be eliminated. Just another example of utilizing spreadsheets to help create organized ways of viewing and tracking info.