Concours Mold Does CAMM Members Proud

Ed Ergun, Corporate Sales Manager for Concours Mold of Ontario, Canada, accepted MMT's Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention award on behalf of the company at Amerimold.
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Concours Mold Inc.'s Corporate Sales Manager Ed Ergun accepts the Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention Award from MMT's Christina Fuges and Cynthia Kustush at Amerimold 2017.


Concours Mold Inc. is MoldMaking Technology’s 2017 Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention, and Ed Ergun, corporate sales manager, attended Amerimold and accepted the award Wednesday evening. If you haven’t yet heard about this mold manufacturing company, it’s pretty impressive, and you can read about it in our June issue, here. One thing I will tell you is that they are very active within the Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) and their fellow CAMM members are very proud to have another Leadtime Leader company in their midst (Cavalier Tool was MMT’s 2015 Leadtime Leader, and in 2014, Aalbers Tool and Mold Inc. was the honorable mention shop).

I talked with Jonathan Azzopardi of Windsor-based Laval International  and chair of the Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM), the day before Amerimold opened earlier this week, and he expressed his pride in having another Canadian shop receive such a notable award. “The United States is like our big brother and we are very fortunate to be able to access the largest market in the world. But at the same time we’re also humbled by it. Sometimes, when one of our own is being recognized as a great company by a market much larger than our own, it makes it all the more special,” he told me. “It means more than anything, and we’re really proud of our members. They work so hard for their achievements. They have to grow beyond Canadian borders in order to truly expand. These are world-class operations. There are some that have gone above and beyond and Concours is one of them.”

Jon also said that with three companies in three years having been honored, it’s really sending a message that Canadian moldmakers are making their mark. “Three different companies, each with different cultures, but all have blazed their own pathways to success and they are being recognized for their efforts. It’s a great time to be a moldmaker, and a great time to be the chair of CAMM who gets to recognize them.”

As Ed accepted the award from MMT he said he was honored that Concours Mold captured Leadtime Leader recognition. He is proud that the company was recognized for not only its strategies for achieving noteworthy leadtimes by utilizing advanced machining technologies, but for its focus on first-time quality and developing a culture based on teamwork that exemplifies the Concours motto: Everybody, Every Day. (Later, he also told me to look for Concours to return next year and capture top Leadtime Leader honors. I said, “Bring it!”)

Congratulations to Concours Mold.